Help us bring stories to life with an #innovateAFRICA grant!

What a year 2016 has been! As a media start-up, we’ve had ups and downs as we figure out: how to bring you quality content about African women, by women across Africa and the diaspora; how to develop our unique storytelling event; and as we grapple with a question that all organisations ask themselves, “What people and resources do we need to us get to where we want to go and how do we find them?”

But the journey is as important as the destination, and we’ve had a remarkable journey so far with good media coverage and lots of conversations about partnerships. As the year ends, we are very excited about the opportunity to partner with African journalists and US-based Empathetic Media to bring Africa’s stories to life. But we need your help!

We’ve pitched an ambitious project to innovateAfrica that will use 360 video to present three themes – women, LGBT communities and land rights – in Ghana, South Africa and Kenya.

The video will form part of a larger package of coverage from each country, comprising of two written articles, a photo gallery and a 2-minute film. All the features will be ideal for sharing on Facebook, which is hugely popular. We’ll also be holding mass screenings and organising smaller shows at festivals across the continent so everyone has an opportunity to see our work.

Nzinga’s aim is to tell untold stories in innovative ways; to allow audiences to hear often silent voices. This project will allow us take that a step further by letting our audience live those experiences, not just read them.

If you like the sound of the idea, we need you to say you do. The fund wants to gauge support for our proposal so we will be using the hashtag #innovateAFRICA (@Nzingaeffect and @empatheticmedia) to tweet about our project. We would love it if you could retweet and share on Facebook as much as you can. Tell them – and us –  why you think storytelling is important, what you love about our idea or how you think we could improve it!

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